Our Team

Hiren V. Khakhrawala (Chairman)

Hiren V. Khakhrawala came to Surat in 1993 with Mr. Vivek’s Father. He worked in the diamond industry for 8 long years. After the 2008 recession period he spent a whole year without any job. Then he decided to sell pickle which his grandmother used to make, he performed all the tests and tried all the recipes and completed everything that needs to be done for selling pickles. But then his friend came who used to sell khakhra and changed the entire plan for Mr. Hiren. He got so inspired by the khakhra industry that he changed his surname to ‘Khakhrawala’. Now he has sworn to bring revolution in the khakhra industry.

Mr. Vivek A. Nakarani (Managing Director)

Mr. Vivek A. Nakarani is the backbone of Shanta G Khakhra. He manages the strategic and mutually beneficial relationships with customers, channelized distributors, merchant exporters, importers and also sales teams. He also oversees employing and enriching skilled professionals. He motivates the entire organization which benefits in an excelling performance of the team. He has committed to being responsible for serving quality food to the universe. He has a vision for the whole world to have the exquisite taste of Gujarati traditional food products khakhra, wheat thins, wheat crisps, and bhakhri.