Our Idea

Shanta G Foods (P) Limited’s team idea is to make ‘Khakhra’ the National food of India as it can help represent flavors of our whole country (India) as khakhra’s flavor. We further believe that food is medicine (આહાર એજ ઔષધ) as food helps us in curing many diseases with their medicated values. All the Shanta G Khakhras have medicated value which helps everyone to enjoy the taste while maintaining health. We do believe that one should “Eat light and think bright”.

According to us, Khakhra was the first thing produced that can be called ‘biscuit’, as our ancestors used to eat khakhras as a snack with tea (Chai). Keeping the traditional thing in mind we have created variations of khakhra and also the traditional round khakhra. The other varieties are wheat thins & crisps which are equally delicious. There is a saying in Gujarati ‘જેવો આહાર એવો વિચાર’ which means what you eat represents your thinking. So eat our khakhras and enjoy a healthy living without compromising flavor.

Shanta G has also given its contribution to Women Empowerment. We have encouraged women to do work and stand on their own by taking their help in making khakhras. Women’s empowerment is as much necessary as the development of our country.