Leela Baa Award

Date: Dec 02, 2019

Dec 13th Food Mech Asia presented Leela Baa Awards which was hosted at Sanjeev Kumar Auditorium in Surat. Leela Baa Awards are the epitome of the food awards. They recognize the hard work and excellence of the people working in the food industry. They award the people who are experts in making food processors and manufacturers, trade organizers, ingredients suppliers, machinery and equipment companies as well as packaging, product innovations in the food industry.

Shanta G has received The Leela Baa Award for Best quality food in Asia for creating one of the most excellent product. It is one of the greatest achievements of Shanta G Foods.

Khadhya Khurak

Date: Dec 10, 2019

Shanta G is taking participation in the Khadhya Khurak Exhibition which is being held in the Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Khadhya Khurak helps the creators of food machineries. This exhibition helps food processing equipment companies, Ayurveda Products, Beverages, Sweets, Ice-Creams, Herbal Products, Edible Flavors, Refrigeration, Hotel, Catering, Dairy, Food Processing, Bakery, Namkeen, Ingredients, Packaging, etc. They rank the winner of the exhibit by the highest number of popularity. Shanta G is representing there advanced types of equipment for making qualitative khakhra. You can visit the exhibition and take a look at the extreme types of machinery.

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